2024 Vintage Fashion Trends: Satin, Cheetah Print, and Other Retro Styles

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If you’re on the hunt for the next big thing in fashion and design for 2024, there’s a good chance the “new” thing you discover actually isn’t new at all. New fashion trends and vintage fashion trends for 2024 are almost synonymous. In the wake of rapid transitory fad’s like athleisure, leopard print, satin, and much more, we can expect to see a lot more trendy clothing that takes its cues from past eras. For example, some of these looks will be inspired by one specific decade, but they’ll likely look just as fresh today as they will tomorrow. The trendiest fashion trends, as always, are also the most timeless. These looks, though, tend to be timeless because so many people like them and think they’ll last forever. That’s why many designers have put together an entire collection of styles based on different decades—which can vary wildly in style and fitability. Here are five key trends that could make their way into your wardrobe this year.


A Leopard-Print Garment:

Leopard print has been around for over two centuries. It’s a bold and eye-catching color for any setting because it’s typically associated with royalty, wealth, and luxury. And yes, it still holds up today! While it might not be the cheapest option, you can find great quality pieces online. This trend is sure to grow with popularity in 2022.


An Old Silk Sweater or Long Sleeve Buttondown Shirt:

Long sleeve buttondowns are an ideal option. They’re very versatile and allow you to mix and match different fabrics throughout the season. You can pair a long sleeve shirt with a dressy skirt, or a short sleeve shirt with a fitted blouse. Or maybe even something casual and cool. Either way, the combination makes for a perfect outfit for summer. As for silk sweaters, they’re best worn after a swim or a hot bath. There’s no rule about how to wear them, but you can definitely pair them with a light jacket and sunglasses. On top of being chic, silk sweaters are also super comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for wearing to bed and lounging around.


Pink Jeans:

Jeans were once considered to be the ultimate workwear option. However, thanks to fast fashion, jeans are now becoming increasingly popular for both men’s and women’s wear. Whether you prefer high rise or low rise, black, or navy, you’ll certainly feel stylish. Just make sure to take care when purchasing the jeans you buy—be sure to choose ones made out of durable material like leather or nylon.


Colorful Hats:

Hats are always a must-have. From classic shades like olive green (which is still going strong) to bright hues like pink and orange, there are plenty of options available. Some colors are better suited to certain outfits than others, so keep your eyes peeled. Another important consideration is to purchase hats that are designed specifically for women (or men). With all the attention paid to detail nowadays, it’s easy to forget how important it is to choose a hat that truly fits. We’ve compiled a list of several popular ones (including a few from our favorite brands):


Black Leather Jacket:

One of the newer versions of a traditional leather jacket, which may seem counterintuitive in terms of comfort, is the black version. What sets this particular piece apart from other jackets is that it comes with built up pockets so you can easily store items like keys, credit cards, or wallets. To give you a full sense of what’s inside, check out our guide on how to use a leather jacket effectively.


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