5 benefits of swimming

Among so many options, swimming with lifeguard training is considered a complete sport, which helps the movement of the whole body, providing various benefits to your health. In addition, it is a low-impact sport that prevents injuries and fractures, making it the most suitable for those who are new to physical activity.

Therefore, it is a very pleasant practice, which can be useful to avoid diseases and also help to combat a sedentary lifestyle. Find out more about the benefits of swimming below.

Swimming helps prevent heart disease

Among the main benefits of swimming, we can highlight that the practice helps to strengthen the heart, contributing to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and also improving your general physical condition.

With the strengthening, the heart ends up increasing its capacity to pump blood, improving blood circulation, due to the pressure of the water.

The body movements of the arms, legs and trunk, associated with breathing in the water, strengthen the cardiac muscles, eliminating the fat that surrounds the heart and strengthening this vital organ.

Fat burning is also among the benefits of swimming

Weight losers can also find swimming a healthy way to make peace with the scale. Swimming is considered an aerobic activity and is a great exercise to burn off those extra pounds.

However, this requires frequent training at a moderate intensity. The good thing is that if you are a person who does not like monotonous exercise, swimming is the ideal option for you!

Swimming helps delay aging

Another benefit of swimming is that it delays aging, since swimming frequently in the pool can help improve circulatory and cardiorespiratory capacity, develop muscles, give more flexibility and resistance, speed up reasoning, recover movements, balance and motor coordination.

Another benefit is that exercise helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Thus, premature aging is prevented more effectively.

In addition, swimming serves to stimulate the renewal of bones, combating losses and consequent fractures, being ideal for all ages, and enabling a better quality of life.

Swimming helps increase flexibility

A super positive point of swimming is that it will lengthen the muscles of your body, causing you to have a significant increase in flexibility, helping to improve muscle groups.

In general, these stretches help increase flexibility, which is essential for joint health and reducing the risk of bone diseases such as arthritis.

This sport helps to increase self-esteem and well-being

The benefits of swimming are not limited to the physical part. The emotional aspect is also developed with the practice of swimming, since it helps to improve self-esteem and self-image, as well as contributing to the feeling of pleasure and well-being.

Not to mention that swimming releases a feeling of independence, security and freedom, which translates into mental relaxation. In this way, you begin to feel good both physically and emotionally.

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