After a Two-year Wait, The New Christopher John Rogers Runway Show was Worthwhile

Christopher John Rogers


For the past two years, Christopher John Rogers has been one of the most exciting fashion designers out there. His collections are at once playful and serious, with a focus on celebrating joy above all else. But after winning the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2019, it’s been hard to wait for his next collection especially since he’s already got an extensive runway resume under his belt. This spring collection is finally here and it’s worth the wait!

Spring 2022, is the Culmination of Two Years

Spring 2022 is the culmination of two years of intense and structural growth for the label. The show, which was designed by Christopher John Rogers, is a celebration of both his style as well as that of his brand. It was inspired by both British high fashion and streetwear and it shows in how it reflects both sides.

The collection features many references to classic menswear pieces from the past: military jackets from Savile Row; polo shirts worn with jeans; chinos worn with sneakers; jeans rolled up at the knee like Doc Martins (ironically, this was not featured on any models).

Rogers’s Spring 2022 Collection

The show was a statement for Rogers, who has been at the forefront of fashion since his debut in 2017. A few years ago, it felt like he was being shut out by other designers and brands but now he’s gaining traction.

The collection also gave us a glimpse into Rogers’s plans: He told Vogue that there will be more collections throughout 2021 and 2022, with plans to expand into other areas such as lingerie (which he already sells through Tanya Burr).

Christopher John Rogers

Collection after Collection with the Same fun-loving Personality

Rogers has graduated from showing collection after collection with the same fun-loving personality to honing in on one message.

The show was a celebration of all things Rogers, with a nod to his past and present. There were nods to old-school designs like those from his first collection (which he designed for Gap), as well as new ideas that have been bubbling up for years like this season’s tuxedo suit inspired by Frank Sinatra and Perry Como’s “Cara Mia” tune and even some surprises for fans who hadn’t seen him since last year at New York Fashion Week.

Rogers’s Core Mission

But throughout, there was still a lightness that speaks to Rogers’s core mission, which is embracing and celebrating joy above all else.

Joy is the core of the brand, and it was present in every aspect of this show. The models were cheerful and energetic they laughed as they walked down the runway (and did so again later during their catwalk break). They smiled at each other in between poses along with their choreographer/producer who was himself beaming with joy when he spoke about how much he loved working on this collection with Rogers.

The clothes themselves embodied that same spirit: they were colorful but not gaudy or over-the-top; they were comfortable enough for everyday wear while still being stylish enough for an occasion like Fashion Week (or even just hanging out around town). In short: if you’re looking for something fun but also classic enough to wear on any occasion without feeling like your outfit has been diluted by someone else’s influence. this collection should fit your needs perfectly!

Spring 2022 is a Statement Collection for the Brand

Spring 2022 is a statement collection for the brand. It’s a culmination of two years of intense and structural growth for Rogers, who has made his mark on the fashion industry with his limited-edition capsule collections and distinctive aesthetic.

The designer guests from all over the world experience this journey through new ideas, technologies, and materials that he has used throughout this period in his career. He wanted them to be surprised by what they saw when they stepped into these rooms full of magic: bright colors that reflect light; shapes that flow like rivers; materials that feel like silk but breathe like air—and all these things happen because Christopher John Rogers embraces joy above all else

Unfortunate Rainbow Collection

The rainbow collection was unfortunate.

Rainbow colors are not the best choice for a runway show. They’re also not the best choice for a runway collection, or even an entire runway show itself. The reason they didn’t work is that they were too loud and flashy, which takes away from the focus on what should be the star of any collection: Rogers himself and his wardrobe choices.

Christopher John Rogers

Gossip Girl Reboot

This is not to imply that since the pandemic spread, the brand has been forgotten by the general population. In contrast, while still releasing new collections digitally, Christopher John Rogers worked with Target, staged a mock show for the Gossip Girl remake, landed a prominent position in the Costume Institute’s “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” exhibition, and dressed Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City for 2022 Met Gala red carpet. Although each of these achievements represents a high point in the designer’s career, none of them come close to the day Kamala Harris donned a purple Christopher John Rogers coat on Inauguration Day. Gossip girl is a television series that aired on The CW from 2007 to 2012. The show is set in New York City and follows the lives of privileged Upper East Side teenagers as they navigate their way through life.

The new Christopher John Rogers runway show was good enough to make me forget about my two two-year for it.


The Spring 2022 collection was Rogers’s first major statement as a designer, and it was a huge moment in the evolution of the brand. It’s also a testament to his commitment to embracing joy above all else something that he has been talking about since before he won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Whether you love or hate the show, there’s no question about its impact on Rogers’s career. He has now broken through from being just another designer with an interesting voice to being one of fashion’s most exciting designers around today.


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