eClinicalWorks Vs. Cerner: An Overview   

eClinicalWorks Vs. Cerner

Separating the many software components that appear to be identical is the most difficult step in the process. This is not, however, the situation. In order to enable you to compare Cerner EMR vs eClinicalWorks EMR software quickly and determine what distinguishes the two, we have included an overview of the features, prices, and demos. 

What is eClinicalWorks EMR Software?  

For medical offices, the eCliniclaWorks EMR data solution makes access to electronic health records possible. It makes an attempt to support medical staff by managing patient data, creating appointment calendars, keeping track of visit totals, and paying for services. It also offers information for managing the revenue cycle, including patient and population health. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Features 

Health Management  

With the use of eClinicalWorks solutions, healthcare professionals can manage and keep track of the health of the patient populations they serve. In addition to providing doctors with rapid access to and updates on patient data such as demographics, medical histories, allergies, medications, and lab results, the platform also provides a comprehensive patient record system. 

Scheduling of Appointment   

Medical professionals may plan their schedules and make patient appointments thanks to the software’s appointment scheduling functionality. The scheduling features of eClinicalWorks EHR increase the effectiveness of the front desk staff by making it easier for users to make significant adjustments to the appointment schedule. 

Patient Portal  

Through the patient portal, users of the program have access to information about their personal health, including prescription information, information on nutritional supplements, information about test results, and information about billing. They can also connect with their doctors online through the patient portal. In general, patient happiness and engagement are increasing as a result. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Pricing  

The three major eClinicalWorks software pricing tiers that are available are RCM as a Service, EHR plus Practise Management, and EHR Alone. Customers who choose to subscribe to an EHR at the $449–$559 per physician per month RCM tier are eligible to receive 2.9% of practice collections without having to pay any start-up fees. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Demo 

Feel the need to learn more about the software’s characteristics and determine whether they are right for you? For additional information, immediately request an eClinicalWorks ehr demo. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Reviews 

There are several excellent eClinicalWorks emr reviews that go over the general usability and feature set of the software. 

What is Cerner EMR Software?  

Cerner EMR technology is used by healthcare organizations of all types to improve patient care and streamline administrative procedures. Among the choices are charting, record-keeping, revenue management, and health analytics. A precise diagnosis and course of treatment are ensured by these technologies and the most recent patient data. 

Cerner EMR Features 


A single username and password can be used by professionals to log into a variety of essential pieces of software on clinical workstations. They scan their badges as they walk between places to instantly connect to their virtual desktops, allowing them to immediately view medical records without clicking. 


The completely integrated health system evaluates the data to look at business and population health content. For things like practice management, cost and utilization, and drug spending, designs, implements, and tracks analytics-based strategic goals to avoid wasting time and effort. 


Software that provides autonomous scheduling and appointment management. Customers have access to and the choice to update their demographic and insurance information in addition to completing registration forms. Additionally, it enables the usage of document signatures and attachments with patient electronic health records. 

Cerner EMR Pricing  

The cost of the application must also be paid in addition to the monthly membership fees that the consumer has chosen. Cerner emr pricing may vary depending on the company plan chosen. 

Cerner EMR Demo 

Make an appointment for a Cerner ehr demo to see how the capabilities listed above function in action. 

Cerner EMR Reviews 

The collaborative nature of the program is endorsed by many medical institutes, according to Cerner emr reviews, which indicate that all users who have used this function concur. 

eClinicalWorks Vs. Cerner —Final Thoughts  

EHR program eClinicalWorks, which is widely used in the healthcare industry. Population health management is just one of its many components, along with many patient portals. Browsers for Windows, Chrome, and Mac can be used by mobile device users to access the platform. Customers of eClinicalWorks have expressed dissatisfaction with the user interface in the midst of this, claiming that it is rather cluttered or unclear and consequently more difficult for novice users to utilize. Additionally, the program provides cloud-based and on-premises versions that different healthcare providers can use. Healthcare organizations wishing to embrace electronic health records frequently choose eClinicalWorks EMR because of its well-known user-friendliness and extensive capabilities. 

Cerner EMR is the greatest alternative for medical practices looking for an enterprise-wide image of patient care and guaranteeing a higher standard of care delivery. There is no need to explore alternate utilities because the system delivers a comprehensive in-patient-to-outpatient “ecosystem” that is fully equipped. Furthermore, because of the features’ attractiveness to a wide range of general and specialty medicine use cases, they are designed into the system’s features. 

Cerner provides complete security for confidential medical data along with an easy user interface. The capacity to foster communication among various medical organizations is highly valued by users. A few people have also mentioned that when there is a lot of clicking, working swiftly can be difficult. Intermittent, tardy updates that deteriorate customer support and have a negative effect on service could also be a source of problems. It is typically a great option for businesses looking for a user-friendly, secure EHR platform. 

There isn’t truly a perfect piece of software, even though the ones mentioned above come close. If not, feel free to get in touch with us whenever you want to have a private conversation about your requirements. We genuinely hope that this post was beneficial to you and that you will find us helpful as you look for the best software for your practice.  


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