Wisconsin is a hidden gem when it comes to vacation destinations, offering a diverse range of attractions for all types of travelers. From stunning natural landscapes to vibrant cities and charming small towns, Wisconsin has it all. When planning a getaway to this enchanting state, choosing the right resort can elevate your experience to new heights. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of Wisconsin best resorts, each offering unique features, luxurious amenities, and exceptional hospitality. Get ready to discover unforgettable escapes in the heart of Wisconsin!

Serene Lakeside Luxury: The Osthoff Resort, Elkhart Lake

Situated on the picturesque shores of Elkhart Lake, The Osthoff Resort is a haven of tranquility and elegance. With luxurious accommodations, a world-class spa, and access to a private sandy beach, this resort offers the perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation. Indulge in fine dining at their renowned restaurants, partake in water sports on the lake, or simply unwind in the serenity of the resort’s stunning surroundings.

Golf and Nature Retreat: Destination Kohler, Kohler

For golf enthusiasts and nature lovers, Destination Kohler is an unparalleled resort experience. Home to championship golf courses designed by renowned architects, this resort offers an extraordinary golfing experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kohler. After a day on the greens, relax at the award-winning spa, explore scenic hiking trails, or savor delectable cuisine at one of the resort’s exceptional dining establishments.

Family Fun and Adventure: Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells

The Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells is a paradise for families seeking fun and adventure. With an array of indoor and outdoor water parks, thrilling rides, mini-golf courses, and even a zip line adventure park, this resort guarantees non-stop excitement for all ages. Accommodations range from cozy cabins to spacious villas, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for the whole family.

Rustic Charm and Outdoor Recreation: The Lodge at Crooked Lake, Siren

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Northwoods region, The Lodge at Crooked Lake offers a rustic and idyllic getaway. Surrounded by pristine lakes and towering forests, this resort is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Engage in fishing, kayaking, hiking, or simply unwinding by the campfire under the starlit sky. With cozy lodge-style accommodations and warm hospitality, The Lodge at Crooked Lake provides a quintessential Wisconsin retreat.

Lakeside Luxury and Relaxation: The Abbey Resort, Lake Geneva

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, The Abbey Resort exudes elegance and sophistication. This lakeside retreat offers luxurious accommodations, a full-service spa, and breathtaking views of the lake. Enjoy a round of golf, take a leisurely boat cruise, or unwind by the pool overlooking the water. With its charming ambiance and first-class amenities, The Abbey Resort promises a truly indulgent experience.


Wisconsin boasts a wealth of extraordinary resorts that cater to diverse interests and preferences. Whether you seek lakeside luxury, outdoor adventure, family fun, or serene relaxation, the best resorts in Wisconsin deliver unforgettable experiences. From the shores of Elkhart Lake to the breathtaking landscapes of Kohler and the scenic beauty of Siren and Lake Geneva, these resorts offer exceptional accommodations, unparalleled amenities, and warm hospitality. Choose your ideal Wisconsin resort and get ready to embark on an unforgettable escape in the heart of this captivating state.

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