When it comes to praising other systems or tools for Global Resorts Network, there is one person who always has something positive to say. This person firmly believes that the Global Sales Center is unparalleled in terms of service provision. As a full customer service company, the Global Sales Center offers comprehensive assistance to home-based business owners in the Global Resorts Network. From answering prospect calls to handling objections, conducting business presentations, and facilitating the enrollment process, the dedicated staff at the Global Sales Center plays a crucial role in supporting and guiding business owners. Let’s explore the advantages of leveraging this outsourcing model.

The Benefits of the Global Sales Center

Operating a successful business requires focusing on growth rather than being consumed by day-to-day operational tasks. Gone are the days when home business owners had to manage every aspect on their own. Today, savvy business owners can rely on a full-time staff provided by the Global Sales Center to handle various aspects of their business operations. This includes answering prospect calls, addressing questions and objections, managing calendars, following up with leads, closing sales, processing payments, and even offering training and guidance. Additionally, the Global Sales Center provides a comprehensive back office equipped with a wide range of advertising tools, and plans to introduce live training sessions.

What sets the Global Sales Center apart is its affordability. Business owners can access this corporate-style staff by paying a one-time enrollment fee and an ongoing monthly charge of just $49.95. The best part? When a sale is made, there are no additional fees or commissions to be paid, allowing business owners to retain 100% of their income. Such a setup is truly unparalleled in the industry, as the Global Sales Center earns its revenue upfront when individuals join the center.

Transforming the Sales Process

In interviews with several home business owners, it is clear that finding customers and motivated individuals for their business can be a challenging and draining task. Dealing with tire kickers, answering endless questions, handling objections, and asking for money can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Most business owners do not want to take on the role of a traditional salesperson, chasing leads and dealing with complainers. This is where the Global Sales Center model comes into play.

For home business owners leveraging the Global Sales Center, their main focus is to generate leads and get the phones ringing. This is achieved through various advertising methods such as classified ads, direct mailings, online ads, and more. The experienced sales team at the Global Sales Center handles the incoming calls, engages with prospects, and guides them towards a decision. This approach allows home business owners to delegate the sales process and free up their time to enjoy a better work-life balance, spending quality time with their families and experiencing the true freedom they envisioned when starting a home-based business.


Outsourcing services to the Global Sales Center offers significant benefits for Global Style Network business owners. By leveraging a dedicated customer service team, business owners can offload time-consuming tasks and focus on growing their business. The Global Sales Center provides comprehensive support, from answering prospect calls to closing sales and offering ongoing training. The affordability of this model, with a one-time enrollment fee and a low monthly charge, allows business owners to retain full control of their income. By transforming the sales process and empowering business owners to generate leads while leaving the sales aspect to professionals, the Global Sales Center facilitates a more efficient and enjoyable home-based business experience. With the Global Sales Center handling customer interactions, business owners can enjoy more freedom to nurture their personal lives, spend quality time with family and friends, and experience the true benefits of a home-based business.

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