Your home is your dream abode. Even if you are staying as a tenant, you know the feel of it when you come back home after a long day of work or fun. Such an abode is truly one of the greatest assets we have.

But the true thing is this home of ours is not so invincible. From time to time, it does need renovation and repair. You have to support it just like it supports you. To do that, repair or renovate it in the right way.

Home Renovation Mistakes That Might Screw Your Project Up

You can take care of your home when you are sure you’re not making mistakes in the process. Here are a few effective guidelines below. You may find them interesting or ‘eye-opening’ or effective.

  • Mistake 1: Prioritising Renovation over Repair 
  • Mistake 2: Not Renovating at the Right Time
  • Mistake 3: Not Getting the Permit for the Project 
  • Mistake 4: Starting too Many Projects at Once 
  • Mistake 5: Trying to DIY 
  • Mistake 6: Not Being Serious with the Money or the Budget 
  • Mistake 7: Not Selecting the Right Renovation Team

There might be many other errors of judgement. All of them cannot be shared in this post. Besides, a few issues may arise on a particular basis on the nature of the renovation or repair needs you have. Keep your eyes and ears open. That will do the trick.

Mistake 1: Prioritising Renovation over Repair 

Sure, you have a renovation need for your kitchen. You have been dreaming of a modular kitchen setup. That’s effective and helpful for today’s fast pace life.

But look closely at the other parts of your home. Maybe you have got a damaged roof. Or there might be a termite-infested attic. You may have a water supply issue in your bathroom.

These kinds of complications need urgent repair. They might cause accidents too. Therefore, You can use the money you have assigned to renovate your home for repair works. At least you have made the right choice.

When you need quick money in this regard, choose a direct lender. If you need more time to make the repayment yourself, choose one of the non-homeowner guarantor loans. In this loan, you can choose a guarantor to secure the payment (in case you cannot) even if the guarantor (or you) is not the owner of the home.

  • Mistake 2: Not Renovating at the Right Time

Your renovation or repair work done at the right time offers multiple benefits. One of them is that you can get a proper Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Be fast and treat an emergency as soon as you can.
  • Treat an emergency at the right time.
  • Schedule your work beforehand. Make sure you don’t miss deadlines.
  • Prioritise the most important projects first for scheduling.
  • Speak with your home renovation contractor to make an effective schedule.

Now there might be changes to this scheduling. Weather issues or contractor alterations can make you fall behind (or it’s the opposite with the scheduling). To manage this, keep a contingency plan if possible.

  • Mistake 3: Not Getting the Permit for the Project

A home renovation may not always need a permit. But, if you are not a homeowner, or if it is an extensive or special renovation need that requires permission from the local municipality or similar authority.

It is better if you plan ahead for a permit. Some might take days, weeks, or months to be approved. Speak to your local municipal officials and learn how to apply for the permit in the right ways. Furnish all the correct information required for the project in detail. 

  • Mistake 4: Starting too Many Projects at Once 

The proverb is right. If you are slow but steady, you will win the race. Although renovating your home is not a race, you need to be slow and steady.

Start with one project and slowly go over to the next one. If you try to do all the projects simultaneously, it disrupts the quality of work and may also lose the ROI. Instead, focus on the renovation by doing things one at a time.

  • Mistake 5: Trying to DIY 

Please ask a professional. There are many things to consider in this case. DIY is great for learning how to do things on your own. But the risks can be catastrophic. Here are the reasons you may not think of DIYing:

  • There might be accidents, and you can seriously hurt yourself or your family members.
  • You might complete the project, but it might have issues in the finish; aesthetics; electrical; mechanical; plumbing or other issues.
  • You can DIY. But what if it damages the construction or renovation material and you miss out on the warranty as a result?
  • DIYing might be a lengthy process.

I am not saying that you cannot DIY. But it has a tendency to become a misinformed process. It is better to learn it by being the apprentice of a handyman or a professional contractor.

  • Mistake 6: Not Being Serious with the Money or the Budget 

Budgeting is one of the most important parts of the home renovation process that you cannot ignore. If you are realistic about it, then you are going to find out these costs included in your project:

  • Material costs
  • Labour costs
  • Finishing costs
  • Unavoidable repair costs
  • Permit costs (if applicable)
  • Temporary housing (if needed)

Again, fixing a budget might be fine. But the costs can skyrocket. If you cannot manage your home renovation expenses alone, then consider one of those non-homeowner guarantor loans. As mentioned earlier, your guarantor does not necessarily have to be a homeowner to help you get the loan from a private lender.

  • Mistake 7: Not Selecting the Right Renovation Team

Get the right contractor. Research these brands and find an authentic one. Ensure the contractor you choose sends you all the details for project work and payments in writing. Also, ask for testimonials. It might help you learn more about the nature or quality of their services.

To Conclude

I would like to finish off the post with a pro tip. If, in case, you find it hard to employ a home renovation brand for personal or financial reasons, you can talk to a professional handyman. It would save you some money. Although a handyman might work a little slowly, you might get to learn something along the way.

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