Great Outfit Ideas for Petite Women’s Dresses

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Petite clothing is a hot topic for everyone, but it’s especially important for women who want to wear petite dresses. There are so many of them out there and they come in so many different styles, cuts, and colors that finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back (or should I say legs?) with these outfit ideas for petite women.

Check out these Outfit Ideas for Petite Women

  • Petite women need to be aware of their body shape.
  • Avoid clothes that are too loose.
  • Wear boots or shoes taller than your dress, so you can show off the length of your legs and make them appear longer.

Create Height with Heels

High heels are a great way to add height and make your legs look longer. They can help you stand up straight, walk more confidently and even give you that elegant look that will have everyone admiring your outfit.

  • Heels will be the perfect complement for dresses that have long sleeves or skirts that go up to the knees.
  • You can wear high-heels with jeans as well as skirts by pairing them with knee-high boots or flats (if they’re not uncomfortable).

Create a Monochromatic look

To create a monochromatic look, you can use a color scheme of one color for your top and skirt and another for your shoes and accessories. For example, if you’re wearing black leggings and a red top with nude pumps, then the rest of your outfit will be in black or white.

If you have other pieces (such as an on-trend necklace) that work well with this color scheme but aren’t quite as bold as what’s being worn by other people who are sharing their outfits with us today then consider pairing them together!

Find the Right Hemline

Hemline length is one of the most important factors in choosing an outfit. You don’t want to have your dress fall because it’s too short, and you don’t want to look frumpy or old-fashioned with a dress that’s too long.

There are several ways to determine whether or not you’re wearing the right hemline for your body type:

  • If you have big hips, go with something that sits at or below your waistline (e.g., knee-length). This will elongate your legs without making them look chubby! It also helps if the neckline is low enough so that it doesn’t pull across all those curves like a corset does when worn on top of another garment like a blouse/shirt combo would do if we were talking about someone who was wearing two layers underneath their coat instead of just one layer – these types of clothing combinations can make people look heavier than they are because they create “false” curves around their waistline area where none exist naturally.’

Opt for Cinched Waists

A cinched waist is a great way to create the illusion of a longer torso, but you can also do this with a belt or structured top.

  • Structured tops: Structured tops are often made from jersey or polyester fabric and have shoulder pads that add structure to your figure. They’re usually not too heavy, so they won’t weigh down your outfit too much and make it look bulky on top of being uncomfortable (which will happen if you wear one).
  • Belts: Belts come in all shapes and sizes—from wide leather belts that work well with high heels to skinny belts that look best when paired with jeans or dresses like these (which feature adjustable straps).

Accentuate Your Waist

You can accentuate your waist by wearing a belt, a waist cincher or other piece of clothing t, and a hat that fits around your waist.

A simple way to do this is by wearing a top with an elastic waistband that helps draw attention to your midsection and gives it more definition. The same goes for skirts: if you have more curves than usual and want to show them off in a flattering way, try pairing a flared skirt with an undersized top (or vice versa).

Wear Culottes and Jumpsuits

Culottes and jumpsuits are great for petite women because they’re a little bit more fitted than your typical dress. You can wear them with flats, heels, or boots—and you’ll have no problem keeping up with your outfit’s flow when you’re walking around in these pants.

The only downside to culottes is that they’re not as comfortable as normal skirts or dresses (unless you have super-long legs). If you want something easier on the body but just as stylish, look for shorter ones with elastic waistbands at the bottom so that they fit snugly around your hips and thighs without feeling too constricting this will keep them from slipping down while wearing heels!

Add Layers to Elongate Your Legs

Adding layers to elongate your legs will help you look taller and slenderer. This is especially effective if you have a dress that falls below the knee because it will expose the length of your legs and make them appear longer.

You can also add layers by wearing something over leggings or tights, like a tunic or shirtdress. If this isn’t possible for whatever reason (you don’t have any clothes that work), then opt for maxi dresses instead!

Petite women are a lot like petite men. They have a hard time finding clothes that fit, and they can look great in any outfit, as long as it fits well and looks good on them.

If you’re looking for an outfit that will accentuate your figure and make you feel comfortable, there’s no need to worry about what size or shape you are!


Petite women are not limited by the size of their dress. They can wear a large number of looks that would look great on other body types, and they will stand out in a crowd. As you can see from some of these ideas above, there are many ways to show off your petite frame while still looking stylish and elegant.


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