You should make sure that you can take your iScooter wherever you need to go. Make sure you have the ability to carry your scooter with you if you are going to a distant place. You can also take it on different types of terrain. However, you should not ride it if it is too difficult for you to maneuver. It is best if you ride it in flat terrain, because there is no need for you to change your scooter’s speed to climb hills and other uneven terrains.

If you want to ride it, then you must always be prepared. Be sure to have electric scooter extra batteries and charger with you. Always carry some oil with you too. If it needs oil, you should use it right away. You should avoid using the same oil again because it will contaminate the motor.

Another important thing to remember is to always wear comfortable clothes. You should make sure that your clothes can protect your skin from scratches and bumps. If you have a helmet, you should use it, but you shouldn’t ride with just a simple helmet. You should also wear goggles and gloves while you are riding. It will help you to stay safe.

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