Rob Garrison Age has been on a number of popular television shows and movies including The Bold and the Beautiful Days of Our Lives and Young and the Restless Recently he has been hosting The Rob Garrison Show a celebrity talk show that airs on the American Life Network He talk to us about his career and the importance of exercise in keeping your body healthy

   Introduction to the Interview For a long time

 now, the world has been struggling with the issue of global warming As the earth temperature continues to rise, countries around the world are implementing plans to slow down and even reverse the effects of global warming The Unite States is no exception In order to combat the effects of global warming, the Unite States has establish a plan America

 How Garrison got into acting

 Garrison was born and raise in New York CityHis parents are both actors and he grew up around the theater He got into acting when he was six years old when he land his first role in a local children’s play It was a simple role, but it was his first time on stage and he love After that, he went on to do more plays and eventually, Garrison’s parents encourage him to audition for a role in Broadway “The Lion King He got the part and has been acting ever since

  What did he like about acting

 I like acting because I get to be someone else for a little while When I’m acting, it’s like I’m in a different world where I don’t have to worry about anything It’s like I’m on a break from reality Acting is also fun because you can express yourself and get creative with the character you are playing

What did he not like about acting

 what did he not like about acting Well, one of the things that he dislike was that he was not in control of the character He would have to be guide by the director, and sometimes this would be difficult for him Another thing that he dislike about acting was that he had to spend a lot of time away from his family

 How he became successful later in life Early

  he was a talent young man who was at the top of his class He was always the one who score the highest on tests and receive the most recognition from his teachers However, he never saw this success in his future He went on to become a successful businessman, but had to work hard for every accomplishment It wasn’t until he was 55 years old that he began to enjoy success What are his future plan As soon as I get the opportunity to meet with my advisor, I will be sure to ask him about my future plan I have a lot of ideas that I want to explore and I hope he will be able to help me decide what path is best for me He will also be able to tell me about the opportunities that are available for me  

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