Top-Rated Truck Manufacturing Companies in India You Need to Know About

Trucks are the majority of commonly preferred vehicles used in the road transportation sector. Furthermore, road transportation is universally recognised as the most efficient method of transportation. Trucks are thus viewed as essential vehicles. The top-rated truck brands in India are readily accessible here, while countless truck companies exist worldwide. The primary purpose of a truck is to transport massive volumes of cargo from one place to another.

The truck industry in India has expanded steadily in the past decade due to technological advancements and improved manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, the greatest truck manufacturer in India manufactures various types of heavy-duty trucks. Let’s take a look at these manufacturing companies one by one.

List of the Most Worthy Truck Manufacturing Companies in India

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the point. Top 10 Indian Truck Manufacturers – Top Truck Brand names in India are listed below, along with information to help you fully comprehend truck businesses.


Tata Motors is the initial and most well-known corporation on this list. Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automaker producing trucks, passenger vehicles, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction vehicles, and combat vehicles. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata (J.R.D Tata) established the company in 1945, with its headquarters in Mumbai. Tata Motors produces the finest trucks for a transport network, and the organisation ranks first among truck manufacturers in India. It is the world’s fourth-largest truck manufacturing company, with a revenue of around 42 billion dollars.

Land Rover, Tata Hispano, Jaguar, and TDCV are among Tata Motors’ subsidiaries. The brand offers the most potent and dependable product lines, such as Tata Signa, Tata Prima, Tata LPT 3118, Tipper Truck, etc. Tata Sigma provides a sophisticated emission monitoring system, while Tata Prima is a world-class truck for Indian freight forwarders. Tata truck prices in India are sensible and do not strain the customer’s budget.


Ashok Leyland is India’s second-largest automotive manufacturer, producing medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The Hinduja Group controls the Indian automobile company, and the product lines include Titan Double Decker bus, City Transit Bus, Tusker Twin Axle Lorry and Ashok Leyland lorry.


The leader in the trucks section, Mahindra Auto, has two distinct divisions to meet the needs of the commercial trucks segment. While Mahindra Auto functions in the sub 3.5 tonnes sector with its flagship products like Mahindra Bolero Pickup (now officially renamed as Mahindra Bolero Pickup Extra Powerful & Mahindra Bolero Pickup Extra Long), Supro Maxi truck, Supro Mini truck, and Supro Vans, the Mahindra Truck And Bus division designed to cater to the LCV at or above passenger and freight mover portfolio. The corporation still holds nearly 2/3rds of the pickup market in the country.

Mahindra Trucks, though, are still trying to start creating its significant presence in the segment with its portfolio of Mahindra Blazo X trucks (HCV trucks), Furio trucks (ICV trucks) and Jayo, Loading Optiomo range of commercial vehicles. Mahindra buses, however, have good recognition with Tourister Excello and Tourister Cosmo’s spectrum of buses. In addition, the company has recently unveiled the Mahindra Comfio and Cruzio, both of which have yet to be seen on Indian roads.


Vikram Lal founded Eicher Motors in 1948, a renowned producer of commercial vehicles and motorcycles. It is the holding company of Royal Enfield motorcycles. In addition, Eicher has a strategic partnership with Sweden’s Volvo Trucks as Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV).

It created trucks with distinct characteristics such as increased payload, quicker turnaround, improved fuel efficiency, and superior performance. As a result, these trucks are highly reliable and have low operating expenses. In addition, Eicher’s new series has a high loading capacity and excellent fuel efficiency.


Bharat Benz was established in 2011 by Satyakam Arya. BharatBenz is a Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) manufacturer known primarily for its buses and commercial vehicles. The headquarters of the company are in Oragadam, Chennai, India. It almost always tends to work for Indian customers and fulfil their requirements.


A.B. Volvo founded this truck company in 1928, which constitutes his intellectual property. The firm is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and manufactures heavy-duty vehicles.

Furthermore, it has production plants worldwide, along with the United States, Africa, and China. The main subsidiary companies of this company include Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks, and many others.

This company started operating in India in 1998. Numerous heavy-duty vehicles with cutting-edge mobility technology solutions have been manufactured by the corporation over the last 20 years, propelling progression in the Indian market.


B.M. Birla established Hindustan Motors, a noteworthy automotive manufacturing company, in 1942. Its head office is in Kolkata, West Bengal. The business originally belonged to the Birla Technical Services Industrial Group as a conglomerate. Hindustan Motors produces automobiles, vans, commercial trucks, and passenger trucks. They merged with Isuzu to generate JCS automobiles in India. Hindustan Motors in India constructed the Isuzu. It manufactures light commercial trucks, vans, and motor vehicles.


Swaraj Mazda is an automotive vehicle company located in Chandigarh founded by Sumitomo Corporation and Punjab Tractors Limited of India. The products are offered to encompass medium-duty trucks fueled by Isuzu Engines and known as SML ISUZU.


Producers of the popular tourist van Traveller, Force Motors has plants positioned at Pithampur and Pune. Force Traveller, also known as Tempo Traveller, is a one-of-a-kind monocoque van that is very popular among tourists. The main versions involve Force Traveller 3350, Force Traveller Super 3700 and Force Traveller 26. Other common automobiles include the Trax Cruiser and Toofan, as well as the cargo vehicles Kargo King Grand, Kargo King Star, Shaktiman 200, and Shaktiman 400.


Suction excavators, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, and refuse trucks are examples of trucks outfitted with sophisticated equipment. Some leading companies in India, like Mahindra Electric, Atul Auto, Piaggio Vehicles and more, produce new-age electric rickshaws.Auto Rickshaw Price generally starts at a reasonable price in India.

We hope this article has informed you about India’s top ten truck companies and that you can now determine which transport company is best for you.

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