So you decided to immigrate to Canada, specifically Ontario, through the provincial nomination program. Excellent choice! Ontario is a wonderful province with job opportunities, inclusive communities, and natural beauty in every season. The provincial nomination program is one of the best pathways to gaining permanent residency. But applying for this program can feel complicated and confusing. Do not worry, we got you covered. In this article, we all walk you through the key steps to apply for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program so you can start your new life in the Great White North. By the end, you all feel confident and prepared to submit an application and begin this exciting new chapter. Let get started!

What Is the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the province official immigration program for skilled workers and professionals who want to settle in Ontario. Through OINP, Ontario can nominate individuals and their families for Canadian permanent residence.

To be eligible for the OINP, you need to:

Have a full-time job offer from an Ontario employer or be currently working in Ontario on a valid work permit. Some streams have additional job requirements like being in a high-demand occupation.

  1. Meet the language proficiency requirements. For most streams, you all need Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 for English or Nivea de computer linguist candian (NCLC) 7 for French in all four language abilities: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  2. Have the necessary education and/or work experience required for your specific stream. For example, a minimum of a bachelor degree and three years of skilled work experience.
  3. Intend to live in Ontario. You must commit to residing in Ontario if your nomination application is approved.
  4. Not be inadmissible to Canada. Things like a criminal record or medical inadmissibility can make you ineligible.

The OINP process involves first applying for nomination, then if nominated, applying for permanent residence. The good news is the OINP aims for processing times of 6-18 months. If nominated, you are well on your way to calling Ontario home! The OINP is a great pathway for building your future in this beautiful province.



OINP Program Requirements and Eligibility

To be eligible for the OINP, there are a few basic requirements you all need to meet.

First, you must have a valid job offer from an Ontario employer. The job should be permanent, full-time, and in an occupation classified as Skill Type 0, A, or B under Canada National Occupation Classification.

Additionally, you must adhere to the minimal linguistic standards. For most programs, you all need at least a Canadian Language Benchmark score of level 7 for English or Nivea  de Computer Linguistique Canadien score of 559 for French in all four linguistic abilities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, you must have the required education and/or work experience for your occupation. Usually this means at least two years of full-time work experience in the past five years, though for some jobs, a bachelor, master or PhD degree may be needed.

You must also have enough settlement funds to establish yourself in Ontario. This typically means having at least $10,000 to $15,000 in savings to get started.

Finally, you must intend to live in Ontario permanently. To prove this, you may need to provide things like evidence of accommodation in Ontario and ties to the province.

If you meet all these requirements, you are well on your way to applying for and obtaining nomination through the OINP. The specific streams and application processes vary, so check with the OINP website for the details on the best path for you. With the right preparation, you all be calling Ontario home before you know it!

Applying for Permanent Residence Through Express Entry

To apply for permanent residence in Ontario through the Express Entry system, you all need to take the following steps:

Create an Express Entry profile

The first thing you all need to do is create an Express Entry profile on the IRCC website. This involves providing information about your identity, work experience, education, language ability, and other details that will be assessed to determine your eligibility and rank in the Express Entry pool.

Get your documents ready

Gather all the necessary documents to support the information in your Express Entry profile like language test scores, educational credential assessments, job offers, etc. Have digital copies of these documents ready to upload to your profile.

Check your Express Entry rank

IRCC will assess your Express Entry profile and rank you against other candidates in the pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The higher your score, the more likely you are to get an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Those with a provincial nomination receive an additional 600 CRS points, so applying for Ontario’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can significantly increase your chances.

Apply to Ontario’s PNP

If you CRS score is not high enough to get an invitation in a regular Express Entry draw, apply to Ontario’s PNP. You all need to meet the PNP eligibility criteria for a stream like the Human Capital Category. If nominated, you receive 600 additional CRS points and will likely receive an invitation to apply for PR in an Express Entry draw.

Submit your PR application

Once you receive an invitation to apply for PR, you have 90 days to submit a complete electronic application for permanent residence through You all also need to meet the minimum language requirements.our Express Entry profile. This includes uploading additional documents to prove your identity, work experience, education, language ability, funds, etc.

The key to successfully immigrating to Ontario through Express Entry is ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria for Ontario’s PNP, having a high enough CRS score to get selected from the pool, and submitting a strong and complete PR application within the deadline. Following these steps carefully will help make your Express Entry journey as smooth as possible.

How to Apply for the OINP Program

To apply for permanent residence through the OINP, you all need to submit an online application. The application process typically takes 6 to 18 months to complete, so start preparing the necessary documents as early as possible.

Create an online profile

The first step is to create an online profile for the OINP portal. You all provide some basic personal details to set up your profile and application account. Make sure all information entered is accurate.


Determine your eligibility

Next, you need to determine which OINP immigration stream you qualify for based on your skills, experience, education, job offer, etc. The OINP currently has numerous streams for skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, and students. Review the eligibility criteria for each stream to find the one that matches your profile.

Submit required documents

Once you choose a stream, gather the required documents to support your application like language test scores, educational credentials, job offers, settlement funds, business plans, etc. All documents must be officially translated into English or French.

Pay application fees

There is a non-refundable application fee for most OINP streams which must be paid when you submit your application. Fees vary depending on the specific stream. You must pay by Visa, Master card, certified cheque or money order.

Application review and decision

After submitting a complete application, the OINP will review all information and documents provided to determine if you meet their program criteria. If approved, you’ll receive a nomination certificate which you can then use to apply for permanent residence with IRCC. If refused, you’ll receive an explanation for the refusal and may have the option to appeal the decision or reapply at a later date.

The key to a successful OINP application is ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria for your chosen stream, submitting a complete and accurate application, and providing strong evidence to support your submission. With preparation and patience, you’ll be on your way to building a new life in Ontario, Canada!

Next Steps After Receiving a Provincial Nomination

You Received Your Nomination Now What?

Congratulations, you been nominated under the OINP! This means the provincial government has approved your application and nominated you for permanent residence. However, the process is not over yet. There are still a few more steps to complete before you can land as a permanent resident.

Apply for Permanent Residence

Now that you have your provincial nomination, you must apply for permanent residence with IRCC within six months. The application process includes submitting forms, documents proving your identity and work experience, medical exams, and background checks. The exact requirements will depend on your specific immigration program. It typically takes six months for IRCC to process permanent residence applications for provincial nominees.

Prepare to Land as a Permanent Resident

Once IRCC approves your permanent residence application, they will issue you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). You must use your COPR to obtain a permanent resident visa from a Canadian embassy or consulate outside Canada. With your visa, you can travel to Canada to complete your landing as a permanent resident. At your landing interview, IRCC will review your application, verify your identity, and have you sign an oath of citizenship.

Settle in Ontario

Now begins your new life as a permanent resident of Ontario! You must live in Ontario for at least 5 years to maintain your status. During this time, you can work, study, settle down, and access most social benefits in the province. After 3 years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. Enjoy all the opportunities Ontario has to offer and build your new future!

The provincial nomination process can be complicated, but with patience and perseverance, you can achieve your goal of becoming a permanent resident of Ontario. If at any point you have questions about next steps or run into issues, do not hesitate to contact the OINP for guidance. They want you to succeed and are there to help you through this important life transition.


So there you have it, the step-by-step process for applying to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. While the application process can seem daunting, by preparing thoroughly, following the instructions carefully and making sure you meet all the criteria, you’ll increase your chances of success. If your application is approved, you’ll be well on your way to calling Ontario home. The land of lakes, forests and opportunities will be open to you. Take a deep breath and start getting your documents and forms in order. Before you know it, you might just be packing your bags for the true north strong and free. Good luck!

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