Optum Physician EHR Vs. eMedicalPractice EHR: A complete breakdown of features

This article will demonstrate why two of the best software programs are Optum ehr and eMedicalPractice ehr. Read on to find out more about their reviews, pricing, demos, and features all in one spot.

What is Optum Physician EHR Software?

The Optum EMR software may be the best option for professionals seeking for a way to delight patients and enhance health outcomes. With the aid of this HIPPA-compliant, CCHIT-certified electronic medical record technology, ACOs, or Accountable Care Organisations, can develop and become stronger. It works with practice management software and can be accessed via a cloud-based gateway.

Optum Physician EHR Features


OptumRx supports patients in locating the best medication at the most affordable price while assisting doctors in optimizing their prescription processes. Additionally, doctors may approve a drug immediately after analyzing it.


Using the Optum Physician EMR’s claims management function, claims can be reviewed and approved prior to being sent to payers. Automated pre-screening reduces the possibility of denials and uncovered and unbilled money by identifying clinical mistakes and clinical coding.


Doctors can track their progress towards meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use by using the dashboard provided by Optum Physician EMR, which includes safeguarding patient data, gathering demographic information, sharing information digitally, maintaining a list of open issues and a list of open medication allergies, and transcribing scripts.

Optum Physician EHR Pricing

Although the program’s pricing has not been publicly available on any websites, more information about the cost can be obtained by contacting the vendor. We provide a risk-free trial.

Optum Physician EHR Demo

Users can always benefit from a demo to gain more knowledge about product development. That enables you to familiarise yourself with the traits and determine whether the instrument is expensive enough to purchase. Optum Physician EMR demos can also be scheduled.

Optum Physician EHR  Reviews

User reviews posted online have mostly received positive feedback. The ease of use has been lauded by customers, which has improved the overall quality of the healthcare organization.

What is eMedicalPractice EHR Software?

Healthcare professionals of different sizes and specialties are able to use the comprehensive medical software system eMedicalPractice. EMR, practice management, and medical billing solutions are all available through the cloud-based system’s single website. It provides complete workflow automation solutions to assist customers with e-prescribing, appointment scheduling, insurance claims, tracking patient visits, and staying in touch with patients in real-time.

eMedicalPractice EHR Features

Patient Portal

The eMedicalPractice software’s extensive patient interface enables patients to make appointments, obtain health information, verify the availability of doctors, and finish necessary paperwork before their visit. Customers can also pay for services online, check lab results, look up treatment expenses, request prescription refills, and get appointment reminders for following appointments.

Electronic Prescription

Users are now able to write, monitor, and track prescriptions digitally thanks to the full medical software. Doctors can send various prescriptions, including those for illicit substances, straight to the patient’s favorite drugstore.

Revenue Cycle Management

By confirming insurance coverage at the moment of care, eMedicalPractice EHR offers customers end-to-end revenue management tools that assist them in managing their money. It prevents double data entry, streamlines routine billing procedures, and guarantees prompt refunds.

eMedicalPractice EHR Pricing

The pricing structure for the eMedicalPractice EMR software is based on subscriptions. Additionally, the eMedicalPractice regular membership package for the app costs $199.00 per month.

eMedicalPractice EHR Demo

By selecting the “Watch Demo” button above, you can view a video lesson of the program’s main features. You can assess the product’s characteristics in real time during the thorough product demo, demonstrating why it is a good fit for your healthcare facility.

eMedicalPractice EHR Reviews

App users seem to enjoy it. The system has received high marks in reviews for its extensive selection of workflow automation capabilities, user-friendly design, and efficient patient engagement tools.

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Optum Physician EHR Vs. eMedicalPractice EHR Software—Final Thoughts

No matter the size of the practice, it is a reliable and flexible medical office management solution that boosts profitability, quality, and efficiency. The Optum Physician EMR is praised for its strong clinical recording capabilities, workflow efficiency, and analytics. The practice management features, analytics, and user-friendly dashboard of this program make it simple for a doctor to view patient details.

The scalable, all-inclusive eMedicalPractice medical software system allows healthcare providers to manage patient intake, streamline daily duties, and focus on providing the best treatment possible. The all-in-one software comes with an interactive activity dashboard to enable practice personnel to keep track of daily patient visits, forthcoming plans, and patient lab results. The company’s revenue management software streamlines customary invoicing processes while giving useful information about insurance claims that clients have filed.

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