I recently spent a long weekend in Paris, and I was so glad to have a comfortable outfit for every day. Here are my favorite pieces of travel clothing that make me feel good and look chic.

The Full Trip Lasted Four Days

When you’re traveling, it’s always a good idea to pack light. You can always find something you need later and if you don’t have anything at all, there are plenty of people who will lend you things. My friend and I had an amazing time in Paris, but we weren’t sure what to bring until the last minute. The best way to travel lightly is by bringing only what is necessary for the day you’ll save space in your suitcase and won’t have any unnecessary items hanging around taking up space during your trip!

I bought two bags: one cross-body bag that fit everything I needed while walking around town (and was small enough so I wouldn’t feel like my arms were being weighed down), and another cute little handbag that held my wallet/phone charger combo on top of my other essentials.

Crossbody Bag and Another Cute Tote

I also bought a nice cross-body bag and another cute tote. You can see both in the photos below:

I wore my cross-body bag every day, even though it was so heavy that it dragged me down when I walked. It was perfect for the plane ride from Paris to London, where we spent five hours in transit before arriving at our Airbnb apartment. The pockets were great for storing all of my stuff including my passport and liquids and made it easy to find things quickly when needed (like finding money for snacks). Plus, it had an inside pocket that held my phone charger cable so I didn’t have to worry about carrying around extra wires as well!

Weekend in Paris

Days in Paris

I arrived at the Louvre in the early evening and walked around for a while. Then I went to find a place to eat, but it was too late so I just got some bread and cheese at a nearby cafe. Afterward, I took photos of some of the famous paintings in their glass cases before heading back to my hotel room where I spent most of my evening watching Netflix on my laptop.

I woke up early again (this is how you get around Paris) because we had an appointment with our guide for our tour that day which started at 10 am sharp! We met them outside their office near Les Halles Market and then made our way over towards Notre Dame Cathedral which was across from us on rue Saint-Denis…but it wasn’t open yet so we waited there until about 10:30 am when they finally opened up their doors again after cleaning out various areas inside where people could store things like clothes or food items since there weren’t enough places available inside these buildings themselves.”

You Don’t Need a Separate Outfit for Everyday!

I’ve been traveling for years, and I’ve learned that the best way to pack light is by wearing the same clothes on multiple days. You can save space in your suitcase by bringing one pair of jeans or pants and then changing them out every day.


Now that you’ve seen all my outfits, it’s time to start working out what you want to bring. Do you want one item per day? Or do you want a separate outfit for each day? There are many variables, but I hope this helps make your decision easier!

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