The Origins of Palm Angel Tracksuit


When it comes to streetwear fashion, Palm Angel is a brand that has captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Known for its stylish tracksuits, Palm Angel has become a symbol of urban cool. In this article, we will delve into the origins of Palm Angel tracksuits, exploring how they became a fashion phenomenon and examining the key features that set them apart.

What is Palm Angel?

Palm Angel is a luxury streetwear brand founded by Francesco Ragazzi in 2015. Inspired by the skateboarding and surf culture of Los Angeles, Palm Angel combines high-end fashion with a rebellious, urban aesthetic. The brand has gained a cult following among celebrities and fashion influencers, and its tracksuits have become an iconic symbol of contemporary street style.

Evolution of Tracksuits

Tracksuits have come a long way since their humble beginnings as athletic wear. Originally designed for athletes to wear during warm-ups and workouts, tracksuits quickly made their way into popular culture. In the 1980s and 1990s, tracksuits became synonymous with hip-hop and street culture, with iconic artists like Run-D.M.C. and LL Cool J sporting them as part of their signature style.

The Rise of Palm Angel Tracksuits

Palm Angel tracksuits emerged during the height of the athleisure trend, where comfort and style seamlessly intersected. The brand took the concept of the tracksuit and elevated it to new heights, creating a fashion-forward garment that resonated with the modern consumer.

Inspiration from Los Angeles

The origins of Palm Angel tracksuits can be traced back to the streets of Los Angeles. Ragazzi, the founder, drew inspiration from the vibrant skateboarding and street culture that permeates the city. He sought to capture the spirit of L.A. and infuse it into his designs, resulting in a collection that exudes urban authenticity.

Merge of Luxury and Streetwear

One of the defining characteristics of Palm Angel tracksuits is the fusion of luxury and streetwear. Ragazzi seamlessly combines high-end fabrics and tailoring techniques with edgy, street-inspired motifs and graphics. This unique blend creates a distinct aesthetic that sets Palm Angel apart from other brands in the market.

Cult Following

Palm Angel tracksuits quickly gained a cult following among fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, and streetwear aficionados. The brand’s ability to tap into the zeitgeist of contemporary culture, while staying true to its roots, resonated with a diverse audience. Palm Angel tracksuits became a symbol of status, style, and rebellion.

Palm Angel Tracksuit Features

Palm Angel tracksuits are known for their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. Some of the notable features of these tracksuits include:

Palm Angel Tracksuit Features

Palm Angel tracksuits are known for their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. Some of the notable features of these tracksuits include:

Quality Materials

Palm Angel tracksuits are crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and comfort. The brand carefully selects fabrics such as velour, cotton, and technical blends to create a luxurious feel.

Distinctive Graphics

Palm Angel is recognized for its bold and eye-catching graphics. From vibrant palm tree motifs to striking logos, the brand’s tracksuits make a strong fashion statement. These unique graphics contribute to the brand’s identity and set it apart from others in the market.

Relaxed Silhouettes

Palm Angel tracksuits offer a relaxed and comfortable fit. The pants often feature an elastic waistband and drawstring closure, allowing for a customizable and snug fit. The jackets are designed with a zip-up front and ribbed cuffs for added style and convenience.

Logo Embellishments

The Palm Angel logo, featuring a skateboarding angel, is prominently displayed on many tracksuits. Whether embroidered or printed, these logo embellishments add a touch of authenticity and brand recognition to the garments.


Palm Angel tracksuits are versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. They can be worn as a coordinated set or paired with other wardrobe staples to create a variety of looks. From casual outings to fashion-forward events, these tracksuits offer endless styling possibilities.

The Influence of Palm Angel

Palm Angel tracksuits have had a significant influence on the fashion industry and streetwear culture. Here’s how the brand has made an impact:

Setting Trends

Palm Angel has been at the forefront of setting trends in streetwear fashion. The brand’s unique designs, innovative graphics, and distinct aesthetic have inspired other designers and brands to incorporate elements of urban style into their collections.

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities and influencers have played a crucial role in popularizing Palm Angel tracksuits. A-listers such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Rihanna have been spotted wearing Palm Angel, further elevating the brand’s status and desirability.

Street Style Phenomenon

Palm Angel tracksuits have become a staple in street style fashion. Photographed on the streets during fashion weeks and embraced by fashion-forward individuals, these tracksuits have become synonymous with contemporary urban style.

How to Style a Palm Angel Tracksuit

Styling a Palm Angel tracksuit allows for both comfort and fashion-forward expression. Here are some tips on how to create a stylish look with a Palm Angel tracksuit:


Elevate your tracksuit by accessorizing with statement pieces. Add a chunky chain necklace, a beanie hat, or a pair of designer sneakers to enhance your outfit.


Experiment with layering to create a more dynamic look. Throw on a denim jacket or a leather bomber over your tracksuit for added style and warmth.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces within the Palm Angel collection. Pair the tracksuit pants with a graphic t-shirt or style the jacket with jeans to create a unique ensemble.

Footwear Selection

Choose footwear that complements the urban aesthetic of the tracksuit. Sneakers, whether classic white or bold and colorful, are a popular choice. Alternatively, you can opt for chunky boots for a more edgy look.

Confidence is Key

Ultimately, the key to styling a Palm Angel tracksuit is confidence. Wear it with pride and embrace the urban cool vibes that the brand embodies.


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