Trying To Regrow Your Brows? Here’s Five Tips How!

  1.  If you’re trying to regrow your brows, ditch the DIY brow shaping (yes throw out those tweezers!) Many people are naturally born with full bushy brows but not all of us are that lucky. Genetics play also play a huge role in brow fullness, over plucking can completely ruin your brows! While it may seem obvious that you shouldn’t tweeze any brow hairs when you’re trying to grow them out, it’s a lot harder to do than it seems. 
  2. Find a brow artist who specializes in brow shaping and henna. 
  3. Remove your brow makeup daily! Whether its professional or not, brow products can clog your pores and decrease brow follicle production. 
  4. Revive7 Brow Serum is designed to give you fuller, healthier brows. Our serum contains all the super nutrients your brows need to succeed. Working within as little as 7-21 days. You can also opt for taking a biotin supplement, which is a vitamin that is commonly used to stimulate hair growth as well.
  5. Brow Massage! Research shows that by simply massaging your brows on a regular basis increases blood circulation which can stimulate hair growth!

To recap, if you’re trying to regrow your brows, DO NOT TOUCH THEM and let the serum do the work!


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