The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Luxurious Bath Towels for Your Hotel

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Luxurious bath towels have been known as a staple part of hotels. When it comes to providing an incredible experience to their guests, hotels leave no stone unturned. By investing in bath towels from DZEE Textiles, a leading proprietor of hotel towels, hotel properties are able to offer exuberant services. 

Factors to Know Before Buying a Bath Towel

The Material

The material of the bath towel plays a major role in its comfort, durability, and softness. These three factors have a massive impact on the towel’s experience, so it is imperative to see which towel material works best for your guests. One of the most sought-after materials includes cotton. 

Cotton is chosen because of its ability to be versatile and adapt to the hotel’s requirements. It is essential to look for cotton towels that have been made by air-jet looms as those are woven by high-technological machines that require very fine and high-quality cotton yarn. Cotton bath towels perform incredibly well and provide guests with the softness and comfort they are looking for. 

The Durability

The durability of the towel has an incredible influence on hotels. Hotels have to use industrial washers and dryers to accommodate their guests and provide fresh and clean towels. Industrial washers and dryers are more powerful than regular machines. Towels have to be regularly cleaned and dried as they are used frequently by different guests. This step is crucial as it promotes cleanliness and good hygiene.

Due to this, the towels hotels equip have to undergo immense power and pressure when being cleaned. High-quality towels that have increased durability are a must. Look for towels that have been stitched with double needles by the edges to prevent unraveling.

The Absorbency

The towel’s absorbency is crucial to a hotel. This directly impacts the quality of the towel, which shapes the guest’s perception of the hotel’s services. You can judge the absorbency of the towel by inspecting the loops of the towel. If the towel has longer cotton loops, it is far more absorbent and can grasp more moisture. 

Luxurious and high-quality towels are heavier and more comfortable, which is also due to their cotton loops. Hotels have to ensure that their towels remain absorbent as these bath towels are washed and used regularly. 

Benefits of Using Bath Towels

Full Body Coverage

Most bath towels only cover half of the body, but luxurious bath towels are able to cover the entire body. The ideal size of these towels is measured at 27×50 inches, which is perfect for any guest. After a long shower or bath, guests can use these bath towels to dry themselves off and will not have to use other towels to do so. 

Increased Comfort

Luxurious bath towels are renowned for their heightened comfort. The high-quality cotton yarn and the structure of the towels make the experience even more enthralling, which ignites a positive reaction from the guest. 

High-end hotels ensure that their bath towels are incredibly comfortable and soft to the touch to exhibit a more soothing feeling. Harsh and rough towels can harm the body and skin, such as redness and rashes. However, soft and comfortable cotton towels ensure that the feeling remains smooth despite the amount of time used. 


Quick-drying towels are incredibly useful to hotels. With these properties, hotels can find more cost-effective solutions to their operations. With low operational costs, the hotel can cut down on their annual budgets and earn more revenue which benefits their business. Quick-drying towels are easy to maintain. 

Bath towels that dry at a rapid speed would lessen the burden of industrial dryers and become available for constant use. These towels also encourage natural airflow, which allows odors and bacteria to remove themselves from the surface of the towel. 

Tips to Know Before Choosing Towels

Look Out for the GSM

The GSM (grams per square meter) is the measurement used to understand the towel’s weight. Higher GSM means a heavier weight. A heavier towel exudes luxury and comfort, which makes the feeling even more soft and warm. Luxury hotels invest in bath towels with a GSM of 600 and more. The comfort is unmatched when it comes to having an oversized and cozy towel for your guests. 

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Understand the Care Instructions:

Care instructions are a clear indicator that gives you a chance to maintain your towels in an efficient manner. Hotels are able to provide the best towels due to their ability to follow care instructions. Hotels need to use bath towels for an extended amount of time due to budgets and expenses. Many hotel suppliers offer care instructions to ensure hotels get the right information when it comes to caring for and maintaining your towels. 

Looking for Hotel Bath Towels?

Bath towels have become an integral part of the hotel industry. From the material to its experience, the guest’s perception changes significantly when having the best bath towels at their disposal. Visit to get the ideal bath towels for your hotel property and witness a greater performance than before. 


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