This Summer, Vintage is Dominating the Red Carpet

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The summer season is here, and that means it’s time for some red carpet-magic. And while we love seeing our favorite celebrities strutting down the aisle in their most fabulous gowns, suits and pantsuits, there’s one word that encapsulates the endless parade of red-carpet looks we witness each year as award season hits full swing: dramatic. Perhaps it’s because the stars of film and TV are just so darn talented; perhaps it’s because they want to stand out from all those other boring-looking celebs who seem more interested in making sure their legs match than making sure they look fabulous on camera either way, show after the show we witness gowns, dresses, and suits that are nothing short of awe-inspiring and with style like this on display for us at summer events?

We wouldn’t have it any other way! It turns out that the ideal summer attire for 2022 is from the past! Stars like Zendaya, Natalie Portman, and Bella Hadid have been stepping out on red carpets this summer in stylish attire that is ideal for the warmer weather. However, this season, A-listers have been searching the archives and resurrecting old designs, in contrast to how they traditionally choose their outfits straight off the catwalk.

So, here’s what happened this summer when Hollywood’s Golden Age collided with Las Vegas in the 1970s:

Encapsulates the Endless Parade of Red Carpet

“Dramatic” is a word that encapsulates the endless parade of red-carpet looks we witness each year as award season hits full swing. And that word is dramatic.

The red carpet has become an important part of Hollywood’s awards season where celebrities show off their best looks and latest fashion trends, all while rubbing shoulders with other stars from around the world. The most important thing to remember about fashion at this event: no matter how much time you spend planning your outfit (or not planning at all), there’s always going to be someone who takes it one step too far!

Vintage Fashion is Making a Comeback

Vintage fashion, also known as retro style, has been all over the red carpet this summer and it’s no wonder why: from bold prints and patterns to edgy silhouettes, vintage looks are back in style! Vogue released an article on their website entitled “The Power of Vintage Fashion” which focused on how vintage styles are bringing out some of Hollywood’s best-dressed celebrities at this year’s awards season. One thing that stood out was how many actresses were wearing gowns that were inspired by past decades and even centuries! From Chanel’s iconic black dress to Christian Dior’s little white dress, these timeless pieces hit home with viewers looking for inspiration when designing their outfits this summer.

Favorite Celebrities

Vintage Fashion is Once Again Being Celebrated on the Carpet

If you haven’t been paying close enough attention to your celebrity news as of late, here’s what you may have missed. With high fashion being reinvented and reimagined by all kinds of designers with all kinds of inspiration, vintage fashion is once again being celebrated on the carpet.

Vintage clothing is making a comeback in Hollywood and it’s not just because stars like Kim Kardashian are wearing them! Celebrity stylists and designers alike are designing looks that look like they’ve been around for decades (or even centuries!). From Chanel’s famous Boy Capes to Saint Laurent’s long-sleeved button-down shirts with frills at the neckline or sleeves these designs have been inspiring couture designers across the board since their inception over 100 years ago.

From Hollywood’s Golden Age to Las Vegas in the 1970s, celebrities are serving up some killer looks that take us back in time. But they aren’t simply wearing an old dress they dug out of their grandparents’ closet; these vintage-style looks are being reimagined by couture designers and look stunning on our most popular personalities.

The Golden Age of Hollywood was a time when actors, actresses, and directors began to become celebrities.

Today’s most popular personalities on the red carpet are wearing vintage styles from our past and they’re doing it perfectly!


In short, vintage fashion is making a comeback. But it’s not just an old-fashioned trend or an attempt to recreate the looks of yesteryear in modern garb. Instead, these are carefully crafted looks that are completely different roman anything we’ve seen before. They take inspiration from vintage eras and their styles, but they also feature modern elements like lace appliqués and unexpected materials such as leather or fur for additional texture. And let’s not forget about how beautiful these looks look on celebrities! Whether it be Sofia Vergara at the Screen Actors Guild Awards or Eva Mendes at her recent appearance at the Cannes Film Festival Film Market—both ladies look gorgeous in their retro dresses (and beyond)!


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