Which Country Do You Think Is the Safest

In a world full of crime, people nowadays seek a place that is safe enough for them to live and for working. Countries are ranked safest according to their GPI rate. The lowest is the GPI, the safest the country is, and vice versa.

To know what is the safest country, you must first understand GPI is calculated on which factors.

How to calculate Global Peace Index

GPI, the Global Peace Index ranks countries according to safety. Countries with lower GPI are safest and higher Gpi is the most dangerous country to settle. GPI is calculated based on 23 different indicators. Some of them are:

  • Climatic conditions
  • Terrorism effect
  • Domestic and international conflicts
  • Occurrence of natural disasters
  • Economic reliance, etc.

Common qualities that the world’s safest countries acquire

  • Maintain healthy relations with the government
  • Higher standards of education
  • Wealthy economic conditions
  • The effective criminal justice system
  • Social welfare

Iceland, the safest country in the world

The GPI of Iceland is 1.107 which makes it the safest country to live in. The living standards of the country are so impressive that it deserves to be on the top and retain this position for 14 consecutive years.

  • Police there doesn’t carry any weapon or firearms, instead they use pepper spray and batons.
  • People there carry a strong attitude toward social crimes
  • The country has no armed forces because of low criminal levels there.
  • The government believes in equality.
  • High living and education standards
  • Approx 3, 60,000 of the total population.

All the above factors make the country the safest place in the world. Citizens’ relationships with the government there are direct due to the small population and high education standards(high literacy rate).

Other safest countries of the world

Let’s now see other safest countries in the world that rank lower than Iceland

New Zealand

With a 1.269 GPI value, the country is ranked as the 2nd safest country in the world. 

  • A very low rate of crime in the country
  • Open-minded people with Freedom of speech and expressions
  • Police there don’t carry firearms
  • Temperate climatic conditions 
  • Effective working and living standards.


The country before 2021 used to be in 11th position. More peace was noticed there and it is now the 3rd safest country.

  • Only a little threat related to terrorism or cultural violence
  • You have to be aware of pickpockets or small criminals, especially in tourist areas.
  • Social attitude against serious crimes
  • Living and working standards are also good there.


One of the happiest countries in the world.

  • You will feel safe at any time of the day.
  • Low level of crimes
  • Crimes at tourtouristce like pickpockets.
  • Responsibilities toward social welfare
  • Prefer honesty and trust the most and hence low corruption
  • Comfortable lives with free education, Medicare, home care helpers, etc.

Final words

Iceland, the safest country in the world, provides a peaceful environment to live in. With low crime rates and high living standards, Iceland is the safest place in the world.

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