You can add your own assets to them

With DaVinci Resolve templates, you can easily customize your project. You don’t have to spend hours creating a template of your own. Instead, you can simply drag the files into the project window and start customizing them. You can even create your own custom template using the built-in templates. There are many different kinds of DaVinci Resolve templates available, including color grading templates, video effect templates and animation templates.

DaVinci Resolve templates can be used for both motion graphics and animation projects. You can add your own assets to them. However, if you want to import the project into other editing software, you have to convert the files. Before you create your own davinci resolve luts template, you should read the detailed user guide for that project. You should also check the tutorials and articles on the help page. Also, try looking for a topic on the web that is related to the type of project you want to create. After all, you might want to create your own custom DaVinci Resolve template. You can always find more tips and tricks to help you.

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